The Ultimate
"Quick Pitch" Deck

The Ultimate"Quick Pitch" Deck

A Winning Cheat Sheet for your "Quick Pitch" Deck

In continuing with the Ultimate Investor Deck Cheat Sheet –

here’s my secret formula for a winning Demo Day Deck!

Make the Most of Your Minutes

An investor pitch has no time limit. A Demo Day / Competition Pitch, or as I’ve dubbed it – a “Quick Pitch” is only 1-5 minutes, so EVERY MINUTE COUNTS!

How do you tell the story of your company in just 5 minutes???

Your goal isn’t to walk away with an investment — it’s to get noticed, to get a chance to continue the conversation. In a sea of pitches, you must be memorable. These guidelines will help you do just that:

Drilling Down The Slides

Now I’ll go through slide by slide and explain each one

Pack a Punch!

Now that you have your content down – a few last tips to really elevate your pitch:

Keep Your Energy Up

Investors look for the likeability factor and passion. Scale up your enthusiasm at least 25%, show your excitement about your company. 

Remember — you’ve given the pitch hundreds of times, they are hearing it for the first time , let them feel like you’re pitching it for the first time.

Your Slides = Your Product

Your slides are your calling card. It’s the audience’s first peek into your world, and there’s no second chance for a first impression. Keep them mainly visual – overloading on words steals the focus from you.

There are great tools for tweaking your slides like Canva, SlideBean or If you have a UI/UX or Graphic designer, let them work their magic on the slides.

= Excitement

Yep! It’s the same butterflies in your stomach for both, all you have to do is swap the “I’m Nervous” for “I’m Excited” and you won’t believe the difference you feel!

(It might take a few tries, but your body will start to believe you. I promise!)

Most Important Have Fun With It!

It’s your opportunity to shine — and you never know who you might be watching — make the most of it!

I'm Here for You!

Hope this was helpful! I’m here if you have any further questions or need any more support! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments or questions. Good luck!

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